Akshar Web Art Creations

I am a Geotechnical Engineer working in the field of Marine construction and not a professional web designer, but during creation of my website – aksharnaad, I explored the avenue of web design and creativity. With this experience, for friends and elders, I have designed some websites as freelance project. Though thinking to explore this field professionally, I am yet to start taking up commercial projects. This is a summary page for my Main web creations, i.e. blogs and websites created by me.

1. Aksharnaad

The Masterpiece of Gujarati web world containing spectrum of Gujarati articles in various categories like Gujarati poems, Gujarati travelogues, Gujarati fiction and story, Gujarati Book reviews, Religious articles, Gujarati songs / audio collections and all types of Gujarati language literature collection. Rich and unique content, regular updation, Large readerbase and Ad free experience are some of its main Positives. The soulful and enriching reading in Gujarati at a click…

2. Anand Ashram

Works, Audio collections and fundamental knowledge obtained through research in the field of Ancient Indian Saint literature and Saints of Saurashtra (Gujarat) Region are the main aspects of Dr. Niranjan Rajyaguru’s web marvel. Listen Timeless Bhajans and experience the magic of his years’ research and findings now totally free on this Audio pearl of Gujarati Web World.

3. Vimittid.com

This is the official website of the interior design company Vimitt based at Dubai.

4. AapnuAangnu.com

The earlier blog was made for Late Sh. P. K. Davda who was in U.S. The website is a literary treasure and after the sad demise of Sh. Davda; the same was rebuilt by Sh. Hiten Anandpara and he is now operating the same. This is also a freelance project out of my love for Gujarati literature.

All these websites were designed as a freelance project. Some more websites are under construction or created in assossiation with owner / blogger or friend as a freelance project and hence not listed here untill unless desired by the Owner. If your website is designed / assisted for design by Jignesh Adhyaru and you wish to enumerate it here, please leave me an email at adhyaru19 (at) gmail (dot) com